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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 06:43 pm

Joe and Louise Explore Chile, Patagonia


We would both recommend Patagonia as a destination. There are so many amazing landscapes, and we found the Chileans to be friendly and helpful.” — Louise B.

Recently, Joe H. and Louise B. returned from their trip to Chile and Patagonia. They were nice enough to share their experience with Tye, their travel consultant, who put together a customized itinerary based on their interests. The adventure started out in the Chilean capital of Santiago — a city larger than Los Angeles and easily as picturesque, given the Andes mountain range towering above the city to the East. After a quick excursion to the coast and the colorful town of Valparaiso, Joe and Louise headed south for a Patagonian cruise aboard the Skorpios III.

Trip Summary

ValpariasoLouise writes: “Hello Tye! We came back today from our trip. It was really fantastic. Without exception, the hotels were top-notch. Clean, with a lot of character, well-trained staff, very comfortable accommodations, and multiple amenities. Excellent!”

Guides/Transfers: “In terms of the guides, they were all very knowledgeable.  We enjoyed Abelardo (from Santiago to Valparaiso) who was informative and entertaining, followed by Mary in Valparaiso who obviously took her work to heart. All pick-ups were punctual, including the one from Valparaiso for the Santiago airport at 5 am!  We really appreciated that type of dependability.”

Hotel Remota in Puerto Natales: “Our stay at the Remota may have been the highlight of our trip; the excursions were well organized, the food terrific, the wine abundant, the decor very unique. No TV in the rooms, no music throughout the hotel, just the sound of the wind. And did it howl or what! There were only 12 guests at the Remota during our stay; again, we had very personalized attention.”

Skorpios Cruise: “As for the cruise, since this was not high season, there were only 48 passengers on board the Skorpios III, thus expediting the logistics for various excursions to the glaciers. Very impressive. The food was good and we lucked out as our table had interesting people from the US and Britain.”

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Louise signed off with a message for her travel consultant Tye, “thanks for all your help setting up this trip! Cheers!” And just like that, another exciting South American adventure comes to a close for a satisfied customer of Pictured below, the travelers celebrate Louise’s birthday with a ‘Feliz Cumpleaños’ cake at Hotel Remota.

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