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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

TyeBucket_optIf you’re reading this then chances are you’ve already spent some time researching a trip to South America. You’re likely well aware of the many online sources of information, reviews and tour planning tools available to the consumer. But while many travel enthusiasts are familiar with websites like Trip Advisor and Wikitravel, fewer have typically heard of the independent review site TrustPilot. Even your very own blog moderator had never heard of TrustPilot upon joining the team, but it didn’t take long to realize what a powerful resource this independent review process can be for prospective travelers.

TyeCompThe perfect way to introduce TrustPilot is to focus on the first word in their name, trust. Signing up for travel through an online provider can be a big leap for some, and our travel consultants can tell you that a comfortable level of trust between customer and travel company is an essential part of a successful working relationship. TrustPilot offers reviews of the booking process by providing a third-party platform through which only confirmed purchasers are allowed to log in and leave a comment. This means that you don’t have to rely on company-provided testimonials when selecting a tour operator, as they will typically be optimized for the benefit of the company (although you should consider browsing our 159 Traveler Testimonials too!). The fact that TrustPilot confirms each purchase and resulting entry into their system also means that we can’t just send our friends to the site to leave reviews for us (we would never do such a thing!).

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.16.01 AM

The above graphic shows the overall TrustPilot stats for through September 25, 2014. We are excited to have a 9.1 rating out of 10 through 67 reviews, with only five reviews being three stars or less. In a couple of those instances, travelers logged into the system after their trip to complain about a hotel or airport delay. Naturally, things do happen when traveling and our team addresses each incident as soon as it occurs with any of our travelers (thanks in large part to our offices in Rio, Lima and Buenos Aires!). Of course, no company is perfect and we ALWAYS appreciate any type of customer feedback we can get, so be sure to visit our TrustPilot page and read as many reviews as your valuable time allows.

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