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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

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Uruguay Travel Guide

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Have you thought about traveling to Uruguay, but a little thrown off on where to start? Don’t worry about a thing! Download our new Uruguay Travel Guide, detailed with our best recommendations on what to do and see while in Uruguay. With this trusty guide, your Uruguay vacation will be booked in no time!

Look past Uruguay’s captivating neighbors, and open the door to South America’s hidden gem. There’s no shortage of excitement in Uruguay, whether you’re visiting its beautiful beaches, rolling green hills, rustic farmland, or learning about its authentic gaucho culture. One of the best aspects about Uruguay is that the temperate climate provides optimal weather year-round. The countryside is most beautiful in the winter, but the summer season should not be crossed off your list. During the summer season (September – December), the beaches of Uruguay will scream your name. Strut around the glamorous beach town of Punta del Este, come running to Playa Brava for fantastic surf, or head to Bikini Beach where multiple celebrity sightings occur. No matter what you do in Uruguay, you’re sure to have an amazing time!

Highlights in the Uruguay Travel Guide

  • Colonia del Sacramento
  • Montevideo
  • Wineries & Vineyards
  • Estancias

The Best Beaches of Uruguay

  • Punta del Este
  • Cabo Polonio
  • Piriapolis

Click here to get your copy of our New Uruguay Travel Guide and download our PDF version so that you can read it at your leisure. The travel tips, recommendations, and inspiration provided in this guide will help make your trip to Uruguay the best it can be!

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