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Visit Antarctica in 2018 with this one-of-a-kind Photo Guide aboard the Ocean Nova Cruise Ship. On this dream trip to Antarctica from Antarctica 21, explore Antarctica tour photos featuring penguins, the polar circle, cruise excursions, whales, & Antarctica tour packages!


Visit Antarctica aboard the Antarctica Cruise Ship, Antarctica 21. Sales Manager, Rebecca Deering, recently made the journey to the White Continent and came back with some amazing stories to tell, and equally amazing pictures to share. From cute penguins, her journey into the polar circle, cruise excursions to bases, whale sightings, and more! Today, we want to share all these amazing photos of Antarctica with you. The only question remaining after this Photo Guide will be, “Why haven’t you made the trip to Antarctica yet?”

Let’s go!

Elephant Seals in Antarctica

Elephant Seals in Antarctica

First up on our Visit Antarctica Photo Guide, we can see some young male Elephant Seals taking a break between practicing fighting. Elephant seals are extremely common to see on any trip to Antarctica and will make for some amazing photos to share with your friends and family after your trip.


Kayaking Excursion among Icebergs on an Antarctica Cruise

Kayaking Excursion among Icebergs on an Antarctica Cruise

Next up is kayaking! Visit Antarctica in 2018 and kayak the icy waters! Kayaking in Antarctica is an optional excursion while aboard Antarctica 21 and many other Antarctica Cruise Ships. I HIGHLY recommend it to our guests as it constantly provides amazing experiences and memories that last a lifetime.


Chinstrap Penguin Adelie Penguin with a little Penguin baby!

Chinstrap the Penguin

Here is a Chinstrap Penguin! He lives in Antarctica and was so fun to shoot photos of.


Adelie and Baby Penguins as I Visit Antarctica!

Adelie and Baby Penguins as I Visit Antarctica!


Ocean Nova Ship in Antarctica

Ocean Nova Ship Antarctica

As I visited Antarctica in 2018, I came across other cruise ships. Here we have the Ocean Nova Ship, a 70 passengers Antarctica Cruise Ship that can pass through polar circle where other boats can’t go! Just look at that landscape. Insane!


Iceberg in Antarctica

iceberg in antarctica

The shapes of the icebergs you will see as you visit Antarctica on excursions are just incredible. From kayaking excursions up close to giant icebergs to journeying through the polar circle, you are constantly up close and personal with icebergs of all shapes and sizes!


Walking on Sea Ice in Antarctica!


One of the coolest things you can do in 2018 as you visit Antarctica is to take an excursion to walk on the sea ice! Here, you can see the group walking on sea ice with a little penguin visitor in the foreground.


Whale sightings are extremely common in Antarctica!


Whale sightings are extremely common in Antarctica! This whale came up to pay us a visit before descending into the polar waters, amongst seals and icebergs. This is truly an experience only an Antarctica Tour can provide.


Breaking into the Polar Circle on my trip to Antarctica!


Breaking into the Polar Circle was so cool! Here we are attempting to reach the Polar Circle (66°33′47.1″ S.) this 2018 in the Ocean Nova Antarctica Cruise Ship. Just look at that landscape off the front of the boat. How incredible is that?! Again, this is truly an experience only a visit to Antarctica could provide!


A cute little Crabeater Seal in Antarctica!


Last up on our list titled Visit Antarctica in 2018 | A Photo Guide, we can see the quintessential Antarctica experience!

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