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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Top 9 Reasons to Visit Peru During the Rainy Season

Thinking about a trip to Peru, but struggling because the only time you can visit is during the rainy season, don’t fret! Peru has many travel seasons. Visiting Peru during the rainy season offers plenty of positive features, which often tourists seem to overlook. I just spent a week gallivanting around Peru during the offseason and here are my Top 9 Reasons why YOU should visit Peru during the rainy season.

 #1. You don’t have to fight the crowds

peru-during-the-rainy-seasonPeru is one of the most visited countries in South America. During the high season, from June to August, you will experience large crowds due to travelers taking advantage of school and work breaks. During the low season, from the end of January to April, there are significantly fewer people traveling. For example, in August 2015 the average number of visitors to Machu Picchu was 4,505 per day. In February of 2015, the average number of visitors was 2,606 per day. Visiting during a month like February will provide more time to take photos and most importantly, a little breathing room from the crowds.

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#2. Beautiful scenery

peru-during-the-rainy-seasonDuring the wet season, the scenery is incredible, and it wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful if it didn’t rain. The rain showers bring lush green hills; the wildflowers dot the countryside and the brightly colored terraces used to plant vegetables are in bloom. This holds true in the Sacred Valley and Colca Valley where you will see locals in traditional clothing tending to their crops and animals.

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#3. Fresh fruits and vegetables

peru-during-the-rainy-seasonBelieve it or not, Peru is becoming THE gastronomy capital of South America. Experience Peruvian food at its best when the markets are full of varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Try one of the 3,000 types of potatoes, fresh corn, Peruvian mangoes, Choclo, Granadilla, Lucuma and more!

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#4. Cheaper Accommodations, Flights, and Souvenirs

peru-during-the-rainy-seasonWith fewer visitors, airlines and hotels may drop their prices. Take advantage of this by upgrading to a higher quality hotel or opting for the better seat on the airplane. You may also have better bargaining power at the small shops and markets that sell local handicrafts.

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#5. Warm Weather

peru-during-the-rainy-seasonDespite the rain, this is the warmest time of the year! While Peru never gets extremely hot, you’ll enjoy much better temperatures during the low season, when it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Visit some of the higher altitude destinations like Colca Canyon and Puno that typically have colder weather.

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#6. Not that much rain

peru-during-the-rainy-seasonIn general, you’ll experience clear mornings and late afternoon showers. Average monthly rainfall from January to April is only around 4 inches with the highest averages in January and February. Take a guided city tour of Lima, making sure to hit all the fantastic sites, just remember always to bring a rain jacket!

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#7. Festivals

peru-during-the-rainy-seasonSome of the most colorful festivals take place in the rainy season!

Fiesta de la Candelaria: Similar to other South American countries, Peru celebrates carnival. Held in the town of Puno, this is the largest and most famous festival in Peru with almost 40,000 participants each year. The festival takes place on the last few days of Lent and includes parades, people dressed in colorful traditional clothing, elaborate costumes, dancing, music and more.

Fiesta de la Vendimia: Normally, one doesn’t associate wine with Peru, but just 4 hours south of Lima, in the desert town of Ica, there are local vineyards that produce sweet and red wines, as well as Pisco. The celebrations include dancing, parades, grape stomping and lots of wine. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the mysterious oasis and sand dunes of Huacachina, take an overflight of the Nazca lines or take a cruise to the Ballestas Islands. 

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#8. The Beaches

peru-during-the-rainy-seasonWhile the highlands have sunny mornings and rainy afternoons, the Northern beaches are dry and hot (with temperatures reaching up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit) with warm waters and high surf. While in Peru, head to Miraflores near Lima or try out surfer’s paradise of Mancora!

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#9. Combine it with the Galapagos

peru-during-the-rainy-seasonOne of our most popular tours is combining Machu Picchu and The Galapagos. The rainy season in Peru coincides with the warm and wet season in the Galapagos. It is the best time to visit the islands because you’ll have warm weather, calmer seas, and good underwater visibility. In addition to this, you’ll enjoy watching the mating, nesting or breeding rituals of land birds, sea lions, turtles and tortoises and the islands blossoming with spring flowers.

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peru-during-the-rainy-seasonOne Reason Not to visit during the Rainy Season

I did mention that there is one reason that might deter you from visiting during the rainy season. Below is the one reason, and one reason only.  If you are interested in trekking, late January and February are not great months to visit Peru. Trails can be extremely muddy and slow going leading to delays or cancellations. If you want to sightsee, rainy season can be an excellent time to go. If you want to trek, try one of the shoulder season months like May or September rather than the rainy season.

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