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Watch the Brazil Carnival Tour Live on the Carnival YouTube Channel

Did you know you can watch the Brazil Carnival celebrations live online on the Carnival YouTube Channel?

The Brazil Carnival is called the World’s Largest Party – it is a week-long series of house parties, street parades, sidewalk dances, all meant to be the last hurrah before the Catholic tradition of Lent begins.

Every February during Carnival season, you can tune into the Carnival YouTube Channel and watch how the Brazilians celebrate the World’s Largest Party.

The largest Brazil Carnival celebration takes place in Rio de Janeiro, but there are also huge Brazil Carnival parties in Sao Paulo, Salvador da Bahia, and others. This year’s Carnival YouTube Channel will play a live stream of video from the Salvador da Bahia Carnival. Salvador da Bahia is located north of Rio de Janeiro on Brazil’s coast. Salvador is often called the cultural capital of Brazil and is known for its traditional African-influence Brazilian cuisine, music, dance, and way of life.

On the Brazil Carnival YouTube Channel, you can do more than just watch live video. You can also chat with other YouTube users from around the world to see what they’re saying about the Brazil Carnival party. You can also watch live interviews with celebrities and traditional Brazilian samba bands.

The Carnival YouTube Channel won’t be as good as experiencing the excitement and energy of Brazil Carnival in person, but it is an excellent way to see what the buzz is all about and share the news with friends and family. And who knows? Maybe it will get you thinking about traveling on a Brazil Carnival tour in the future.

Hotels, tours, and restaurants in Brazil’s main cities, especially Rio de Janeiro, get booked up months in advance of Brazil Carnival season. So if you get jazzed about taking a Brazil Carnival tour in 2016, book your vacation as early as possible (at least six months beforehand).

Watch Brazil Carnival live on the Carnival YouTube Channel.

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