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What is Bolivia Famous for?

Nestled between Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, Bolivia is a country with endless beauty and charm. Beyond salt flats, Bolivia is abundant in sites that are sure to win your heart. Fun to travel around and lots of things to do, this South American country has tons to offer every kind of traveler. After reading this blog, Bolivia should be on your list of countries to visit at least once in your lifetime. If you truly want to explore the best of Bolivia, come uncover the other less known tourist attractions of the country with us as we reveal what is Bolivia famous for. Featured on this list of the things Bolivia is known for are facts about Bolivia, Bolivia facts, famous sites in Bolivia, things to do in Bolivia, Bolivia information, and everything in between.

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#8: Potosi


First up on our list of What is Bolivia Famous for is…At a height of 4000 meters, Potosi. Potosi is known as the mining city of Bolivia. It is home to Cerro Rico, meaning ‘rich mountain’. These rich mountains lured the Spanish to come after its silver. Tons of silver was shipped from Potosi but as of today, tin is mined due to the lack of silver that was exhausted years ago. Visit this amazing city to experience colonial charm!

Travel Tips: Take a tour of the mines while you’re here. Visit the Mint Museum and other colonial highlights.


#7: Sucre


Next up on our list of What is Bolivia Famous for is Sucre. Perched at the eastern foot of the Andes, Sucre or the “White City” boasts of being one of the most elegant and charming colonial cities of Bolivia. It is a major destination for foodies and architecture lovers. With its beautifully preserved historical architecture, Sucre holds the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travel Tips: Take some Spanish Lessons in Sucre. Visit Plaza 25 de Mayo, the main square. Visit Cretaceous Park and view dinosaur footprints. There are so many more places to see in Sucre, here is a list.

#6: Death Road (Los Yungas Road)


Referred to as “World’s Most Dangerous Road”, Los Yungas or ‘The Death Road’ is a 12-foot wide road that has a solid rock on one side and 2000 ft drop into a valley on the other side. This 69 km dirt road between La Paz and Coroico is known worldwide amongst tourists, adventure travelers, and sports enthusiasts, who enjoy a bike adventure on this road. Despite the danger, many buses, trucks and other vehicles navigate through this road. Scared yet?

Travel Tips: Always go with a group on this road, and do not speed! Drive with extreme caution. Consider the new highway from La Paz to Coroico as an alternative if you think this will be too scary for you. To note also is that only bikes are allowed on Yungas Road now. All other vehicles have to take the highway.

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#5: Bolivia National Parks


Sajama National Park is perfect for those looking to explore some of Bolivia’s most wild and spectacular Andean Landscapes. Spot llamas and witness volcanoes, deserted mud villages and much more on your adventure to Sajama National Park.



Your trip to Bolivia would not be complete without exploring the Bolivian Amazon. Madidi National Park stretches all the way from the Andes to the Amazon! Spot many species of flora and fauna as you explore this huge park stretching over 7000 square miles. Truly one of the most spectacular scenes in the country.

Travel Tips:  If you are a National Park geek and are itching to explore more, Bolivia has many more National Parks. Amboro National Park, Noel Kempff National Park, Kaa Iya National Park and Torotoro National Park are our other top recommendations.

#4: Colorful Lagoons

Enroute to Salar De Uyuni, you will witness many beautiful sceneries and landmarks such as geysers, volcanoes, and wildlife. Our favorites are the beautiful and colorful lagoons, contrasting the never-ending white landscape of salt.


Laguna Verde, close to the Chilean border is known for its vibrant green color. Above the lagoon is the volcano Licancabur.



Laguna Colorada or the Red Lagoon makes you feel you are on a different planet! The red waters contrast with the white island is a spectacular and unbelievable site for travelers.



Laguna Blanca or the White Lagoon is like the cleanest mirror you will ever see, reflecting the sky, mountains, and even the flamingoes. What makes Laguna Blanca truly unbelievable is the beautiful pink flamingoes just bathing in in the lagoon.

Travel Tips: Don’t forget to explore Geisers Sol de Maňana (Geysers), Dieserto de Dalí (Desert) and Termas de Polques (Hot Springs) onto this trip!

#3: La Paz


If you are visiting Bolivia, the capital city of La Paz has to be on your list! An interesting mix of red-bricked homes and impressive designs of sky scrappers, amazing food, wine and beer scenes, traditional markets and modern malls, La Paz is sure to impress. Touching the clouds at around 3500 meters in altitude, this city is surrounded by snowy peaks, dominated by the sacred mountain of Illimani. The beautiful setting of this city is surely going to take your breath away! La Paz is a must include on any list of What is Bolivia Famous for!

Travel Tips: Take a trip to the Moon Valley, browse selections at Witches Market, explore Plaza San Francisco, head to Tupac Katari Mirador for the best city views, stroll the Calle Jaen-a colonial streets and visit the popular museums.

#2: Lake Titicaca


A list titled What is Bolivia Famous for wouldn’t be complete without Lake Titicaca! On the Northern border of Bolivia lies a shimmering lake where the Inca Empire was born. Lake Titicaca is the largest navigable lake in the world at 12,507 ft, and the crystal clear shores of Lake Titicaca are sure to inspire you. A haven for tourists, Lake Titicaca is known for its beautiful scenery, unique indigenous cultures, and incredible floating islands of Uros, entirely handmade from reeds! You will have to see it to believe it!

Travel Tips: Cruise on the lake on a local boat the people refer to as “Mercedes”! Points of interest on the Bolivian side of the lake are Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna, island sites of well-preserved ruins.

Last up on our list of What is Bolivia Famous for is…

#1: Salar De Uyuni


Last but not least on our list of What is Bolivia Famous for is…Salar De Uyuni, the largest salt flats in the world! These Salt flats are the most remarkable vistas not only in South America but perhaps in all the world and we will tell you why. Left behind by lakes that completely dried out many years ago, a thick crust of salt expands to 4,050 square miles. During a few times of the year, some nearby lakes overflow and a thin layer of water forms over these salt flats, creating a mesmerizing site you will be amazed to see- a reflection of the sky on land. This place is truly incredible and people from around the world fly to Bolivia to experience this miracle of mother nature. The question is, when are you going to see Salar de Uyuni for yourself?

Travel Tips: Stay in the first Salt Hotel in the World, made entirely from salt! To add more adventure to your trip, add an off-road vehicle tour of Salar De Uyuni that will truly take you road tripping!

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