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Last updated on May 3rd, 2019 at 06:49 pm

Why You Should Experience the Beautiful Waterfalls in Argentina

There are many waterfalls in the world, but not many as breathtaking and beautiful as the waterfalls in Argentina. To many travelers, the famous Iguazu Falls are one of the main reasons for visiting Argentina. A trip to Iguazu Falls makes for a fantastic multi-country vacation as they are located on the border of two neighboring countries: Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazu Falls are one of South America’s top 5 highlights, and it is a must-see on any South America tour.

Find out here why you should experience the beautiful waterfalls of Argentina!

Experience Argentina’s Waterfalls Up-Close

Unlike other natural attractions, you can get very close to the waterfalls in Argentina – especially Iguazu Falls. Although you can get a perfect panoramic view of the Falls from the Brazilian side of the Falls, visiting the Argentine side will give you a chance to get close to the water. From the Argentine side, you have the opportunity to walk down some stairs to the water where you can embark on a boat ride which will take you up the river and directly under the rushing falls.

Boat Ride Argentina Iguazu Falls

That’s not to say you cannot experience a boat ride on the Brazilian side. However, it is a different experience. On the Brazilian side of the Falls, you’re on the level of which the water flows down over the rocks into the body of water below. While it is a beautiful, panoramic view of the Falls, we encourage our travelers to experience both sides so that you can have the pleasure of experiencing the walls in their enormity up-close.

Argentina Waterfalls are Enormous

You’ll be amazed by the size and power of the Iguazu Falls. The Falls are taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide. In fact, Iguazu Falls is considered to be the world’s largest waterfall system, composed of around 275 waterfalls. The Argentine side is so big that you can actually take a train from one side to the Devil’s Throat.

Boat Ride to the Falls

With waterfalls this large, your senses will be on another level as you listen, feel, smell, and see the rushing waterfalls. In some circumstances, such as the optional boat ride excursion mentioned above, you will be so close to the falls you might even get soaking wet!

Argentina Waterfalls are Surrounded by Lush Jungle

The jungle that surrounds Iguazu Falls is another reason why you should experience the waterfalls in Argentina. The lush forest is a result of the Iguazu National Park, one of two national parks! One on the Brazilian side and one on the Argentine side.

Iguazu Falls Surrounded by Lush Jungle

Each national park is comprised of sub-tropical rainforest. This is an advantage for travelers. Subtropical rainforests aren’t as dense which makes it easy to see a lot of animals! However, you won’t have any trouble spotting coati. They’re everywhere! Especially, on the Brazilian side of the Falls. These little rascals are experts in stealing food off your plate. Though don’t be worried, they aren’t harmful at all! You can also spot colorful toucans, enthusiastic monkeys, iguanas and different species of birds flying above you!

Pro Tip: The Brazilian National Park hosts a lot of hikes and treks through the rainforest for those who are active and would like a bit of adventure. The Argentine side has an abundance of jungle lodges and hotels, quiet & far away from the actual falls.

You Don’t Need Ample Time to Visit Argentina Waterfalls

argentina waterfalls with rainbow

You only need a couple of days to visit Iguazu Falls. We typically recommend a 3-day, 2-night visit. That way, you can allocate one half day excursion for the visit to the Brazilian side, and one full day excursion on the Argentine side. You can choose to stay in the Argentine (Puerto Iguazu) or Brazilian (Foz do Iguassu) sides, which have great hotels and restaurants in each town. 

Easily Combine Argentina Waterfalls With Other Destinations

Iguazu Falls is a great destination to combine with some of the other highlights in South America. Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires are located just a short, direct flight away from the falls. Hence a visit to the Argentina waterfalls can be seamlessly added into any Brazil or Argentina tour itinerary. Since there is also a direct flight connecting the Falls with Lima, it is easy to combine a visit in Iguazu within an itinerary in Peru.


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