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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:03 pm

When to Travel to South America

Updated: April 10, 2018

Rio Brazil Beaches ParatiFind out when to travel to South America with these South America travel tips from the C.E.O. of, Juergen Keller. You might also want to read our article Best Times to Travel to South America.

When to travel to South America? That is the question everybody has when they are planning a vacation for their once-in-a-lifetime trip to South America. The best times to travel to South America are based on a few factors. Here are a few parameters you should consider for when to travel to South America: temperature, rainfall, and the top travel seasons when everybody is traveling.

Travel Tip #1: Go When the Temperature is Mild

The short answer to the question, “When to Travel to South America?” is: April. Going a little bit more into the details, you might also say: After Easter, all the way into June.

April-June is the ideal time to travel to South America because during that time, in most of South America south of Colombia and Venezuela, dry air from the Antarctic is pushing hazy moist air of the tropics up north. Fantastic blue skies and mild temperatures are the results.

As a general rule, anywhere south of the Buenos Aires-Santiago latitude line, the seasons are the opposite of the northern hemisphere. December-February is the South American summer, while June-August is the South American winter.

Travel Tip #2: Go When the Rainfall is Mild

In the Andes mountains of Peru, April-June is just after the rainy season, and the mountaintops are still snow-covered. The question of when to travel to South America has long been answered by professional photographers: those iconic pictures of Machu Picchu covered in lush green vegetation and standing between snow-capped mountains are always taken during this period April-June.

But South America is a vast continent, and there are many unique geographical features that make distinct climates. In many parts of South America, the “dry” season means a little rain every day and cool temperatures. Whereas within the tropics, the “rainy” season means a lot of sunshine, warmer temperatures, and the occasional heavy thunderstorm.

Travel Tip #3: Go When There are Fewer People Traveling

Unless you are traveling to South America for a very popular event like Rio Carnival or Inti Raymi, you can find out when to travel to South America by avoiding these peak travel times. Peak travel times for travel to South America are generally June-August, when most North Americans have school vacations, as well as in December for the holidays. Also note that Semana Santa, the week of Easter celebrations in Latin America, is also a popular vacation time for locals. So the best time to travel to South America is after Easter until school vacations start in mid-June. So again, April-June is the absolute low season, when even the airlines typically have special fares during that time.

To summarize, when you are considering when to travel to South America, remember that the seasons are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere, that some parts of South America have rainy seasons and dry seasons, and that April-June is typically the best time to travel to South America because the fewest people are traveling at that time.